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dr_arden-sydneyJohn Arden, Ph.D. has 35 years of experience providing psychological services and directing mental health programs. Since 1999 he has served as the Director of Training for the Kaiser Permanente Medical Centers, Northern California region. He has developed one of the largest mental health training programs in the United States. In this capacity he oversees more than 100 interns and postdoctoral psychology residents in 22 medical centers. Prior to this he served as the Chief Psychologist at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Vallejo, California.

Dr. Arden’s study of neuropsychology has inspired him to integrate neuroscience and psychotherapy, synthesizing the biological and psychological into a new vision for psychotherapy: Brain-Based Therapy. His work incorporates what is currently known about the brain and its capacities, including neuroplasticity and neurogenesis, with psychotherapy research, mindfulness, nutritional neuroscience and social intelligence. He conducts seminars on Brain-Based Therapy throughout the United States and abroad.

Author of twelve books, his most recent publication, Rewire Your Brain, describes how the general audience can utilize the practices of Brain-Based Therapy. He is the lead author (with Dr. Lloyd Linford) of two volumes for the practitioner entitled Brain-Based Therapy: Adults and Brain-Based Therapy: Children & Adolescents. His first book, Consciousness, Dreams, and Self, was awarded the 1997 Outstanding Academic Book Award by Choice, a publication of the American Library Association. An international panel of jurists nominated his second book: Science, Theology, and Consciousness, for the CTS award funded by the Templeton Foundation. Arden explored the degradation of the fabric of American society with America’s Meltdown: Creating the Lowest Common Denominator Society. His seven self-help books are: Surviving Job Stress, Improving Your Memory for Dummies, Conquering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (with Dr. Victoria Beckner), Heal Your Anxiety Workbook, and Heal Your OCD Workbook (with Dr. Daniel DalCorso), and Rewire Your Brain.

Richard Hill interviews John Arden Ph.D.

In this conversation with Richard Hill, Dr Arden speaks not only about his important therapeutic approach, BASE, but also speaks candidly about where he thinks the profession is and where it should be heading. He is candid and frank, but being such a warm human being, it is a very enlightening conversation.


Dr Dave interviews John Arden Ph.D.

newSRRlogo144Dr-Dave_cr1Once again Dr Dave does a great job with this recent interview titled “The Emerging Psychotherapeutic Consensus” with John Arden – talking about the changes happening in psychotherapy and the insights neuroscience and other disciplines are giving us as therapists.
Go to the Shrink Rap Radio page for this interview (player and download) or download the MP3 of Dr Dave’s interview.

The MindScience Institute

MSIlogoMSTVlogoThe MindScience Institute has been set up to act as a networking hub for the wide array of activity occurring in the world. Based in Australia, it is hoped that pathways will be opened between my many friends and associates in the USA into the Asian region, the East and into Europe and back again. There are so many interesting and varied points of view and perspectives that are generated not only through styles of practice, but also cultural background. The MindScience Institute will look to provide education and information, but also share and link with the excellent programs and teaching already underway. The time is now ripe to translate and even transform the avalanche of information about the mind and brain and the interactions within the body and now the activity of our genes into the practice of health and healing. We can take practice into a new and, I’m sure, better place.

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