Living in isolation from the world on a mountain top in the Arkansas Ozarks, I had no reference point to tell me I had PTSD. The attack on Iraq is what finally brought it all up and led me to ask for help.

After signing up with the VA for health care, they discovered my blood pressure (BP) was very high (190/90). They gave me a Healthbuddy BP cuff that connects to the Internet so I could report my BP every day while the doctor was adjusting my medications.

At one point I found myself trying to show a better BP by slow breathing and watching clouds go by with a clear, peaceful mind. This lowered my numbers, so on one visit to my psychologist I told him about it. He replied, “You know you’re doing biofeedback, right?” He went on to say that biofeedback was the only cure for PTSD, and he had the equipment, but the VA would only pay him for cognitive therapy so I would not be getting biofeedback. That made me want it more!…


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