“I feel . . .  paralyzed.”

Those are difficult words to hear from a client. Especially when they’re struggling to work through a past trauma.

But there’s one important aspect of treating trauma that we need to remember . . .

. . . talk therapy often isn’t enough.

So how do we address this? That’s why I urge you to tune in to the final free session in the Treating Trauma Master Series.

In this session, the top experts in treating trauma will be getting into limbic system therapy – what it is and how you can use it to help your clients resolve trauma stored in their body and nervous system.

This 5-part series has been bringing together record numbers of practitioners from all over the world since it began. Thousands have been tuning in each week as the top experts share the latest developments in treating trauma.

This final session promises to go even further with its deep focus on the core issue that may be sustaining your client’s trauma.

Here’s the agenda for the upcoming broadcast:

  • Why Targeting the Limbic System Can Make Our Treatments More Effective
  • How to Tell When Talk Therapy Could Be Keeping Your Client Stuck in Trauma
  • How to Integrate Movement to Help A Client’s Body “Unlearn” Its Adaptation to Trauma
  • How to Use Limbic System Therapy to Reverse Feelings of Powerlessness After Trauma
  • What to Look for in a Traumatized Client’s “Movement Vocabulary”
  • One Key Approach to Use with Clients Who Are Unable to Verbalize Their Trauma
  • How Past Trauma May Hurt a Client’s Ability to Protect Themselves from Future Trauma (and How to Break the Cycle)

This one session can help reverse trauma’s deep tracing on a client’s body. It’s free, and about to go live this Wednesday and Thursday so hurry and sign up.

If you’d like to keep every session of the Treating Trauma Master Series series in your permanent library, I urge you to buy a Gold subscription. But the price is going up soon, so take a look right away.

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