How can the latest revelations from neuroscience help clients recover from trauma?

That’s a question that the top experts are about to take up in the first free broadcast of NICABM’s Treating Trauma Master Series.

You’ll get insights from: Dan Siegel, MD; Pat Ogden, PhD; Stephen Porges, PhD; Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD; and Bessel van der Kolk MD.

It’s entirely free to watch at the time of broadcast – here’s the link where you can sign up.

And here’s a look at what they’ll cover:

  • How to Work with Dissociation and Help Shift a Client’s Reaction to Trauma
  • The Brain Science Underneath Neurobiological Shut-Down
  • Two Hormones That Fuel a One-Two Punch When Traumatic Memories Are Forming
  • The Critical Part of the Brain Stem That Gets Transformed During Trauma
  • How to Help Clients Process Traumatic Memory That’s Stuck in the Body
  • Why the Midbrain Holds the Key to Mediating a Client’s Freeze Response
  • What Posture Can Reveal About a Client’s Trauma History

The free broadcast will take place Wednesday at 5pm ET USA – that’s 4pm Central, 3pm Mountain, and 2pm Pacific, with a rebroadcast at 6:30pm ET.

You can also become a Gold Subscriber and get all the videos, audio recordings, transcripts, and 3 bonus sessions for your permanent library.

CE/CME credits are also available.

Plus, when you sign up as a Gold Subscriber by April 17 at midnight ET, you’ll get a special early bird bonus with Dan Siegel, MD to further help you in your work with trauma.

I hope you’ll check it out now while the early bird bonus is still available.



PS The first broadcast is Wednesday at 5pm, with a rebroadcast at 6:30pm ET. Here’s the link again where you can register for free.

PPS Here’s a handy time zone converter you can use to find out what time that will be in your part of the world.

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