Relationships can play a crucial role after a traumatic experience. And yet, some clients simply lack the kind of secure, healthy relationships that would help them heal more quickly.

So how can we build secure attachment after trauma, even if the client has never felt safe around others?

That’s the core issue that the top experts in the field will be getting into in the upcoming free broadcast of the Treating Trauma Master Series.

You can watch these sessions free of charge – you just need to sign up. But I’d do it soon, because Session 2 is about to start.

Here’s a look at the agenda:

• The Common Brain “Bias” That Could Lead to Mis-attunement with Your Client
• How to Help a Client Stay Emotionally Connected – Even When They’re Dysregulated
• One Powerful Way to Foster Secure Attachment with a Client Who Never Felt Safe with Others
• How to Avoid the Critical “Safety Miscue” That Often Comes Up with Traumatized Clients
• What Part of the Brain Develops First (and Why That Is So Important When It Comes to Trauma)

You’ll get insights from Dan Siegel, MD; Pat Ogden, PhD; Allan Schore, PhD; Bessel van der Kolk, MD, and Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD.

It’s completely free to watch at the time of broadcast. And it will air several times over the next few days.

Last week a record number of practitioners, from all over the word, attended these free sessions. 13,551 viewers tuned in from 103 countries. In fact, there were over 1,100 participants from the United Kingdom alone; 162 from New Zealand; 49 from Israel; and even some viewers from Morocco and South Korea.

If you miss any of the free sessions, you can become a Gold Subscriber and get all the videos, audio recordings, transcripts, and bonus sessions from the entire series to keep forever.

And CE/CME credits are also available.

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