When I asked my recent guest, transformational coach and author Shira Gura, what has most surprised her about the method she’s developed for getting herself emotionally unstuck, she said she’s been shocked by how quickly people around the world have responded to her method and taken it up. For me this really underscores the power of doing your own inner work and trusting in your own authenticity to connect you with the hearts and experiences of others.

In her blog, she wrote about the tumultuous emotions aroused by her move from the U.S. to Israel and looking back over her stories, she was able to identify the emotional challenges and the inner tools that helped her get through them. She ended up systematizing them into a method.  She emphasizes that it’s a toolbox, not a “cure.”

Shira lists 7 emotions in which people can get stuck: Fear, Anger, Aversion, Pride, Gloom, Desire and Joy.  I was surprised to see joy in the list but then was reminded that there is such a thing as eustress, which is not such a good thing.  Her book expands on emotional clusters related to each of the 7.  Clearly the seven emotions she dwells on in the book and in our interview grew out of her own life and blog posts.  I suspect many of us might generate our own lists of emotions we tend to get mired in.

Certainly, I was able to relate to each of the 7 emotional sand traps she listed.  I realized I could have illustrated each of them with stories from my own life. The title of Shira Gura’s book, again, is Getting unstuck: Five Simple Steps to Emotional Well-Being and I recommend it to all.  The book includes exercises which will help to internalize the material and also workbook-style areas in which to record your thoughts and insights.

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