We would like to let you know about our new offer with our new partner BetterHelp

– an offer that can bring you more income AND a free subscription to The Science of Psychotherapy (worth $99)

all at no cost to you.

[This offer is only available to licensed therapists in the USA at this time]

We are all starting to work online – but this means new technology, marketing, paperwork and the need for new clients. None of it impossible, but none of it easy. This is where Better Help might be a perfect fit for you. If you are registered in the US as a clinical social worker, marriage and family therapist, mental health counselor, professional counselor or psychologists and you are looking for a cost free entry into the online space and more online clients without any of the worries of technology, marketing or booking clients, then consider joining the world’s largest online counseling platform – BetterHelp.

You will be an independent provider and you can accept as little or as much work as you like.You provide the professionalism, the care, the experience and desire to help people and Better Help will provide the technology and the clients.

A big part of the reason we have decided to partner with Better Help is because we’ve had therapists in our network telling us about how financially difficult it’s been this past 12 months.
Some have had to pause their subscriptions. We think we have found a win/win solution – something with no upfront costs, working only when you want, straight-up payments PLUS a special gift from us!

Better Help are actively looking for more therapists in the US to care for the clients coming into their website now. On top of that opportunity,  we have arranged with Better Help for therapists who join through The Science of Psychotherapy to receive a free standard subscription to The Science of Psychotherapy.

Simply join BetterHelp using our unique link


You can get the same benefit if you are currently a Standard Subscriber to The Science of Psychotherapy.  Sign up to Better Help, and we will extend your subscription for a further year – for no cost.

You can access our extensive library of material for psychotherapists, our monthly magazine and all the other benefits of our subscription plus you can easily and flexibly accept new clients, online, at your convince, with BetterHelp.

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