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Where in the world are you based?

I live close to Rome, Italy, but I am fortunate to work all around the Bel Paese. This is an affectionate term for Italy that simply means “beautiful country” and can be traced back to the Middle Ages in the writings of Dante and Petrarch. It is still a popular term today.

What were your areas of psychology/psychotherapy study in Italy?

I’m a licensed psychologist (MD) and psychotherapist (PsyD). My initial academic study was in clinical psychology. After five years at the university, initially focusing on Jungian, I oriented my studies toward brief therapies. I have now extended my studies to include single-session therapy, solution focused therapy, strategic therapy and Ericksonian hypnosis.

You have traveled to the US for additional study. Who did you study with and what did you learn?

I first traveled to the US to study Single-Session Therapy (SST) with Michael Hoyt, in California, at the Mental Research Institute. Dr Hoyt is one of the leading experts in brief therapy having written a number of books. I am fortunate to be able to continue having exchanges with him. I have also traveled to Australia, to the Bouverie Family Center, to learn their Single Session Therapy model.

When and why did you set up the Italian center for Single Session Therapy?

I decided to set up the centre a few months after my travels in the US. I had been studying SST for about a year and I was able to find research, but in Italy there were almost no one talking about it or researching it. My strong interested is in how to help people to achieve the best in less sessions. SST is, clearly, a great opportunity to do that. So, I start the International Centre for Single Session Therapy (ICSST) in Rome with my friend and colleague, Federico Piccirilli, to provide training, research and information about SST. Our website is now receiving interest and we are building a positive reputation. You can find us at https://www.terapiasedutasingola.it/

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