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Shane Warren wins Asia Pacific Coach of the Year
Qualifications: Registered Psychotherapist | Certified Clinical Supervisor | Certified Practicing Hypnotherapist | Certified Practicing Coach
Short Description: Shane Warren is a registered psychotherapist, certified clinical supervisor, certified practicing hypnotherapist and certified practicing coach.
Simon d’Orsogna
Qualifications: Master of Clinical & Systemic Family Therapy
Certified Coherence Therapist
Level 1 Internal Family Systems Therapist
Level 1 Emotion Focused Therapist
International Partner of the Center for Self Leadership (IFS)
Associate Instructor for the Coherence Psychology Institute
Short Description: I use an integrated approach to foster healing and adult development through approaches eliciting neuroplastic repair and growth. Specifically I attend clients through the lenses of a) memory reconsolidation; b) multiplicity and the activation of ‘parts’ or self-states; c) systemic intervention in current and trangenerational dynamics; d) attachment and trauma; e) somatic invitation; and, f) through being closely attuned, relational, and client led.
Profile Photo
Qualifications: Counselling Psychology
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Master Behavioral Coach
Short Description: Military Veteran now a psychological therapist working with veterans and serving personnel to heal the psychological effects of trauma, Post Taumatic Stress and the many related symptoms and conditions.
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