Mary Bowles, LMFT, RRT, MIAAN

Mary Bowles, LMFT, RRT, MIACN
Name: Mary Bowles, LMFT, RRT, MIAAN
Qualifications: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)
Certified Neuropsychotherapy (MIACN)
Rapid Resolution ​Therapy (RRT)
Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) Student at California Southern University
Long Description:

Working with me you will get a trustworthy, confidential, compassionate, experienced, unbiased, educated, and science-minded therapist. I approach all issues with the brain in mind using Neuropsychotherapy and Interpersonal Neurobiology. I offer neuroscientifically founded memory reconsolidation, which erases the emotion activation attached to a memory, allowing clients to quickly process trauma and stress without reliving the past. I approach all issues from a mind and brain perspective so all techniques being used are working with the brain, not against it.

I specialize in couples issues, parenting, divorce issues (including prevention, recovery, & preparation), blending healthy families, trauma, and many other issues. Whether you have issues with your current or former spouse/partner, child, parent(s), or siblings, I can help you find some peace (and usually even quiet) in the relationship. I’m a specialist in Parent Training and Relationship Education. I draw on my personal and professional experiences to help you learn how to draw on yours and to help you find the happiness and success you’re seeking in life. I use humor, lightheartedness, calm, and methodically challenging approaches to educate you about your options, but you always decide how far you’re willing to go to improve your life and your relationships. I maintain an understanding that we are all normal within the context of our own lives. I help my clients stop looking for and accept their “normal” and just find “effective” instead and to help all my clients be more mind and brain aware.

Treatment Orientation(s): Neuropsychotherapy
Interpersonal Neurobiology
Gottman Model
Rapid Resolution Therapy
Specialties: Memory Reconsolidation
First Responders
Blending Families
Trauma (PTSD)

Phone Number: (970)319-1999
Address: 386 W. Main St. #105
PO Box 556
City: New Castle
Zip Code: 81647
  • Mary Bowles, LMFT, RRT, MIAAN

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