Zyron Krupenia

Zyron Krupenia
Name: Zyron Krupenia
Qualifications: B.A., B.A. (Hons.), M.A. (Clin. Psych.)
Long Description:

I adopt an evolutionary perspective and understanding of human nature. Much of human behaviour has been laid down by hundreds and thousands of years of evolution and the evolution of the human brain is an important way of understanding people’s emotions, thoughts and behaviours.

I adopt a non-judgemental and compassionate approach to people, I am somewhat unconventional in my approach and I am not “a slave to the system”. Paradoxically my views are relatively conservative, but broad and open-minded at the same time.

I am able to relate to both young and old, from children aged seven or eight upward to the elderly. I seem to be able to connect with most people, and they report feeling safe and comfortable with me.

With younger people I can be quite animated and provocative in my approach. I do not tend to sit quietly and reflect, “how do you feel” and be non-committal, but will voice an opinion and reflect what I believe is going on for my clients.

Treatment Orientation(s): Applied Behaviour Analysis
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Couple Therapy
Evidence Based Treatment
Family Therapy
Mindfulness Based Therapy
Transactional Analysis
Evolutionary Psychology
Neurologically based Psychotherapy
Specialties: Attention Deficit Disorder, Sexual Dysfunction, Relationship Problems, Parenting and Developmental problems of childhood.
Phone Number: 92453838
Address: 83 Scarborough Beach Road
Zip Code: 6019

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