Curis Functional Health, LLC

Curis Functional Health, LLC
Name: Curis Functional Health, LLC
Qualifications: LMFT, LPC, LMSW, DC, RD
Long Description:

Functional Health is an integrative, holistic approach that uses the mind-body connection, inductive and deductive data, to achieve wellness. By speaking to the brain and body in their natural languages, the body’s intrinsic feedback loops and self-healing ability are triggered, restoring physical and emotional functioning. Proven methodologies, such as psychotherapy, functional nutrition, chiropractic, meditation, yoga, massage, dentistry, etc. are used collaboratively to reset the nervous system, integrate brain regions, restore gut functioning, and promote overall psychosomatic wellness.

Treatment Orientation(s): Chiropractic
People often seek chiropractic care when they’re very physically active, have postural issues, and or are physical pain due to injury. Chiropractic care is a holistic, natural & drugless approach to resetting the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). Due to normal wear and or injury, the spine can become misaligned, compromising the effective messaging between the brain and the body via the spinal cord. Chiropractic care realigns the spine, removing irritations and compromises in the nervous system. Since all cells and organs in the body are controlled by nerves, adjustment has a systemic impact. Chiropractic care is an evidence based approach to, “resetting,” the nervous system, impacting physical and mental health.

People often enter therapy because they’ve lost a sense of peace, happiness, and or purpose in some parts of their lives. Our perception of the world shapes the reality we experience. ounseling is a supportive, compassionate and non-judgemental environment to explore thoughts, moods, behaviors, and underlying beliefs.. Relationships are our brain’s natural language for learning and growing. Restoration, understanding, and growth occur in the course of a therapeutic relationship. The therapeutic relationship is unique in that it is client centered and paced. This provides the safety and support to dig deep and the courage to go big. Therapists are trained to examine underlying factors that aren’t overtly obvious that play a role in client functioning. There are many different therapeutic modalities that client and therapist can choose from to best achieve therapeutic goals. Expressive and talk modalities are evidence based, neuroscientifically correct, and or historically founded. In this way, therapy is the art and science of self-improvement for internal peace and fulfillment.

People often seek a nutritionist when they’re experiencing gut issues, food intolerances, hormonal imbalances, and or they have weight related goals. Functional nutrition takes a systemic approach to nourishing the body and mind, emphasizing the complexity and uniqueness of the individual. Micro and macronutrients play an important role in fueling and rebuilding the body. Quality and quantity of food matter, but so does the body’s ability to extract nutrients which is directly impacted by the microbiome, the 100 trillion bacteria inside our GI tract. It is often referred to as the, “second brain,” since it is governed autonomously by the enteric nervous system and contains over 500 million neurons (more than the brain and spinal cord combined). Unsurprisingly, it produces over 30 of the same neurotransmitters as the brain, lending credence to the old adage of, “a gut feeling.” Also, the biome plays a major role in the immune system, acting as a first line of defense, just like your skin. The nervous system is built upon feedback loops that rely upon chemical messengers, such as hormones. However, deficiencies caused by dietary absence and or poor extraction can reek havoc on the entire system. In functional nutrition, we measure these precursors and can supplement deficiencies.
Specialties: At Curis, we’re vested in optimizing the well-being of our patients. We take a holistic, client centered, results driven approach to addressing the underlying causes of health issues. Our clinics treat physical, mental and emotional stress using chiropractic, counseling, nutrition and other complimentary methods.
Phone Number: (214) 390-3259
Address: 4801 Frankford Rd #300
City: Dallas
Zip Code: 75287

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