Ken Benau, Ph.D.

Ken Benau, Ph.D.
Name: Ken Benau, Ph.D.
Qualifications: Licensed Clinical Psychologist, California (USA). License # PSY 11684 (since 1990)
Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy subspecialty. Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA (1988)
Long Description:

My aim is to accompany you in discovering your unique pathway to change or healing. We will identify the thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behavior patterns you wish to change, and those particular aspects of yourself that keep you feeling stuck or distressed. Working experientially, we will pay close attention to your moment to moment emotional, physical, and relational experience. Together we will not only address your problems but also deepen your awareness and experience of your strengths and capacities, both to help you face your life challenges and to feel more whole and fulfilled.

I have expertise in working with children, adolescents and adults with various challenges, including anxiety, depression, trauma, learning differences, attentional issues, and those identified on the Asperger’s/Autism spectrum. I bring a passion for and expertise in working to transform shame, an emotion or state at the heart of much personal and interpersonal distress.

I enjoy working integratively, calling upon a variety of therapy approaches to deepen our shared understanding of your particular problem and its solution. Respectful humor is an integral part of who I am and what I bring to our work as well.

Treatment Orientation(s): I work integratively, calling upon various therapy approaches, including: Coherence Therapy, AEDP, Experiential, Psychodynamic (relational, attachment and affect focused), CRM, DNMS, and EMDR. I have experience using Applied Behavioral Analysis and CBT to address specific behavior challenges.
Specialties: ASD (Asperger’s), ADHD, LD, anxiety, depression, complex trauma, school-based clinical consultation, relationship issues, parenting, and various shame-based syndromes (e.g. perfectionism).
Phone Number: 510-332-4014
Address: 376 Colusa Avenue, #2
Kensington, CA 94707
City: Kensington
Zip Code: 94707

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