Dr John Arden, in this beautifully succinct presentation talks about the basics of mental health, states of mind, and how to stay energized!


John Arden has a webinar course: “Therapeutic Applications of Neuroscience, Psychoneuroimmunology, and Epigenetics” where you can get CEU points by registering here https://drjohnarden.com/webinar-neuroscience-psychoneuroimmunology-epigenetics/

If you would like more resources on this topic, please consider reading Dr. John Arden’s book Mind-Brain-Gene:

This book contributes to the sea change in how we conceptualise mental health problems and their solutions. Mind-Brain-Gene describes the feedback loops between the multiple systems contributing to the emergence of the mind and the experience of the self. It explains how our mental operating networks “self”-organise, drawing from and modifying our memory systems to establish and maintain mental health.

Synthesising research in psychoneuroimmunology and epigenetics with interpersonal neurobiology and research on integrated psychotherapeutic approaches, John Arden explores how insecure attachment, deprivation, child abuse and trauma contribute to anxiety disorders and depression to produce epigenetic affects. To help people suffering from anxiety and depression, it is necessary to make sense of the multidirectional feedback loops between the stress systems and the dysregulation of the immune system that lead to those conditions.

Successful psychotherapy modifies the feedback loops among the self-maintenance systems. Through the orchestration of the mental operating networks, psychotherapy promotes the re-regulation of immune system functions, stress systems, nutrition, microbiome (gut bacteria), sleep, physical inactivity, affect regulation and cognition. This book makes a strong case for healthcare and psychotherapy to be combined-together they can revolutionise the way we conceive of, and attain, optimal health in the 21st Century.

You can also find more resources on Dr. John Arden’s website here: https://drjohnarden.com/

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