Depression short reading course

Taken from the book The Psychotherapist’s Essential Guide to the Brain.

In this course you will learn:


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Depression (1 hour)
An introduction to the neuroscience of depression.
Module 1 Depression
Unit 1 Depression Introduction (1 min)
Unit 2 What is Depression? (5 min)
Unit 3 Brain Regions Involved in Depression (18 min)
Unit 4 Neurochemicals in Depression (6 min)
Unit 5 Is the low-serotonin theory of depression wrong? (5 min)
Unit 6 Genetics in Depression (5 min)
Unit 7 Stressed Rhesus Monkeys and the Serotonin Transporter Gene (5 min)
Unit 8 Brain Stimulation Treatment (18 min)
Unit 9 Inflammation & the Gut in Depression (30 min)
Unit 10 Summary of the Pathophysiology of Depression (2 min)
Depression short reading course has been taken from the book The Psychotherapist’s Essential Guide to the Brain. This short reading course will take you though the basics of depression and in particular major depressive disorder. Depression is pervasive in our society and is one of the most common mental health issues psychotherapists encounter in their practice. This course will give you an understanding of the neurobiological underpinnings of depression – at least as far as we know. It’s a complex disorder and we are on a steep learning curve, but we have a lot more understanding now than we did just a few years ago. This course will give you a foundation from which to understand your clients better and to better understand current research on the topic.
In this course you will learn:
Matthew Dahlitz is the Editor-in-Chief of The Neuropsychotherapist magazine, a practicing psychotherapist, and author of the book The Psychotherapist’s Essential Guide to the Brain. He sees clients in his private practice when he is not writing and editing for The Neuropsychotherapist or working on other publishing and consulting projects.
This self-study activity consists of 1 hour of continuing education, or professional development, instruction. Credit requirements and approvals vary across countries, organizations and state board regulations. Please save the test results at the end of each unit, the certificate of completion you receive from the activity and contact your organization to determine specific filing requirements.

We are unable to guarantee the success of logging 1 CE/PD points for this course as the requirements vary significantly across countries, states, and organizations.

All self-study participants will have to have achieved 80% or better pass rate to receive a certificate of completion. If you require a copy of the test/evaluation for CE purposes, please print at the time you take the test – these are available as a download after you complete each test section.


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