Neuroscience to inform effective psychotherapy

Stroke: The Second Time That The System Fails

After a stroke, there is an increased risk of suffering a second one. If areas in the left hemisphere were affected during the first attack, language is often impaired. In order to maintain this capability, the brain usually briefly drives up the counterparts on the right side. But what happens after a second attack? Medical researchers have now found an answer by using virtual lesions.

The Nuntius Nuclei: A New Neuroscience for Curiosity

The Nuntius Nuclei: A New Neuroscience for Curiosity By Richard Hill [wlm_private "1 Year Subscription|NPT Basic|3 Year Subscription|NPT Standard|Staff|NPT Premium|NPT Standard Monthly|2 Year Subscription"] Members download the full article: [download id="34281"]...

The Dimensional Systems Model

The Dimensional Systems Model explains higher cortical functions on the basis of cortical columns that serve as the basic information unit. Although the original theory was developed in 1984, it was considered too speculative and untestable by peer reviewers. However,...

The Psychotherapist’s Essential Guide to the Brain

The Psychotherapist's Essential Guide to the Brain   is a 147-page, full-colour illustrated guide for psychotherapists describing the most relevant brain science for today's mental health professionals. Taken from the best of the series published in The...

Link Discovered between Immune System, Brain Structure and Memory

In two independent studies, scientists at the University of Basel have demonstrated that both the structure of the brain and several memory functions are linked to immune system genes. The scientific journals Nature Communications and Nature Human Behaviour have published the results of the research.

The Psychotherapist’s Essential Guide To The Brain – Memory

Go to the download (members free) All through our lives we are on an insatiable learning quest that we call memory. We continually store information, either consciously or unconsciously, and draw on that learning to be animated and have a sense of who we are and what...