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It’s so much easier being yourself

The following session took place one year, 4 months into my therapy with “Clay”. Clay is a very attractive, always well-coiffed, intelligent, articulate man in his mid-50s who originally sought therapy to determine if he “had ADHD”.  However, we quickly focused on...

Where To Next?

Photo by Taylor Nicole Where to next? This question spurs my curiosity.  Like explorers searching for new frontiers, the counseling and psychotherapy field is at a critical moment in its history. We have moved from narrative descriptions of client scenarios to inform...

Future of Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is currently burdened with fragmentation of models, theories, and interventions. Psychotherapy requires an integrative framework rooted in the expanding sciences of developmental psychology, neurobiology, medicine, and medical illness. The future of...

Be “session ready” for your most challenging clients

What if you could always be “session ready” with your most challenging clients using the latest cutting-edge information on treating trauma? This is why having access to the most current thinking on trauma is so critical. The final day to own the entire Treating...

How To Work With The Body To Resolve Trauma

In this session, the top experts in treating trauma will be getting into limbic system therapy – what it is and how you can use it to help your clients resolve trauma stored in their body and nervous system.

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