Applied Neuropsychotherapy

Neuropsychotherapy in practice

Behaviour, Affection and Emotional Control

Behaviour, affection and emotion under control: A practical, scientifically-based guide in modules Where does a specific behaviour start? How does it come into being? This looks like a simple question, but it really is not! Whether it’s the response to a potentially...

It’s Not Always Depression

How can it be that a seemingly depressed person, one who shows clinical symptoms, doesn’t respond to antidepressants or psychotherapy? Perhaps because the root of his anguish is something else.

Basic Psychological Needs

Basic Psychological Needs Klaus Grawe (2004, 2007) developed a view of mental functioning from conceptualizations formed in mainstream contemporary psychology, yet with a particular ‘driver’ that may not be altogether ‘mainstream’. That is, “the goals a person forms...

Memory Reconsolidation

Memory Reconsolidation Definition Memory reconsolidation is the brain’s natural, neural process that can produce transformational change: the full, permanent elimination of an acquired behavior or emotional response. It is the brain’s innate process for fundamentally...

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