Dr David Van Nuys

Psychologist, Podcaster

Dr David Van Nuys

“Dr Dave” is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Sonoma State University and hosts the longest standing psychology podcast on the net.

Featured Articles

Dr. Dave is a regular contributor to this platform – The Science of Psychotherapy – and below are a few of his articles.

Live Each Day with Best-Selling Author Jim McCarthy

I’m struck by the fact that Jim McCarthy’s happiness workshops and his 2019 book, Live Each Day: A Surprisingly Simple Guide to Happiness, lean so heavily on our mortality.  I think many people might initially be shocked to discover that the happiness workshop they...

Predicting Suicide with Artificial Intelligence

The lead article in APA’s July 2019 issue of the Monitor on Psychology is titled “Better Ways to Prevent Suicide.”  It’s the first article in a series titled “More Impact Together,” which will highlight the interdependent ways in which psychologists work together to...

Paul Kraus Interview on Trauma-Informed Counseling

I am so impressed by Licensed Professional Counselor Paul Krauss, M.A.  He’s a relatively young 37 years old and yet, he has sought out an incredible amount of post-master’s clinical experience and training.  I’m particularly impressed by his creation of the The...

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