Dr David Van Nuys

Psychologist, Podcaster

Dr David Van Nuys

“Dr Dave” is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Sonoma State University and hosts the longest standing psychology podcast on the net.

Featured Articles

Dr. Dave is a regular contributor to this platform – The Science of Psychotherapy – and below are a few of his articles.

The Third Wave Psychedelic Renaissance

The Third Wave Psychedelic Renaissance –David Van Nuys Interviews Paul Austin (Transcription by Kat Bautista) Dr. Dave: Well, I’m so glad to have you here. I’ve been doing some psychedelically oriented interviews and after a search on psychedelics, and boom, your...

The Self-Help Addict with Daniel Gefen

Daniel Gefen was fascinating to speak with.  I knew he was in Israel and I had listened to a bit of one of his podcasts but that was some time back and so I had forgotten that he had a British accent.  Thus, my gaffe in initially calling him an American. I’ve gotten...

Dr Dave talks to Dr Todd Pressman

It was wonderful speaking with Dr. Todd Pressman about his 2019 book, Deconstructing Anxiety: The Journey from Fear to Fulfillment. I was happy for the opportunity not only because of the excellence of his book but also to discover we have a lot in common despite the...