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Olaf Holm

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  • @olaf
  • December 7, 2018

Thanks Kirke, Apparently so simple, as a matter of fact, it's so simple we only need the courage and determination to help kids, families and ourselves for the deep change. Brilliant presentation from Kirke. Bes. Olaf, Mad., Spain

Olaf Holm

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  • @olaf
  • December 5, 2018

Dealing with difficult news—leading toward integration Great article Matthew. Never read in such an integrative way about one of my favourites, IPNB. In fact so many activities where to apply and a kind, realistic and grounded manner. Thanks. Olaf Holm

Olaf Holm

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  • @olaf
  • October 15, 2018

I've to become serious about correcting bad habits on sleeping and maybe mainly, activities trat preceed it;KImberly Fenn's study seems to be direct and very clarifying. I live in a country like Spain, whre everything happens later, but anyway we have to wake up early, to pick a train...

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I was born in Ecuador, descendant from a Danish father and a half English/ Dutch mother. I moved to Demark later and ended up studying Medicine in Salamanca, Spain. I moved to Madrid about 10 years ago. I'm married and we have three kids, two boys, one girl. Qualifications: Psychiatrist&Psychotherapist, certified in Adult Attachment Interview, IFS Level 3, creator of IFS(IPNB informded), Former supervisor for Spain, Educator in IPNB&MIndsight with D. Siegel, SSP (Polyvagal Theory. S. Porges, EMDR Therapist.

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