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    Hi Science of Psychotherapy Tribe!

    We had set up a social media type of community base here on this website and was running it for quite a while but with hardly any engagement (actually about 0.5% engagement). Some people found the social media side of things a bit confusing with maybe too many options and it seemed a bit of a maze. Surprisingly to me, some of the feedback from users who are 20-something said that they will engage in a simple forum on a site but not a full-blown social media platform – they simply don’t have time for another social media platform apart from FaceBook (or whatever it is they are primarily using).

    So to mitigate any confusion and to make things much more simple, we are going to focus on the forum part of the community. Which was my initial intention anyway. So here we are! This forum space is for you to engage as a community on all things sciency about psychotherapy.

    Looking forward to your engagement!

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