The Coherence Psychology Institute has released a new online workshop and some other helpful resources below. Bruce Ecker and his company of trailblazers have clarified one of the most important understanding of transformative change in psychotherapy. If you would like to understand why clients break through into permanent transformative change, then you must educate yourself in the principles of memory reconsolidation, and no one does that better than Bruce Ecker and his team at The Coherence Psychology Institute.

A six-hour online workshop:
Coherence Therapy: Facilitating Transformational Change Through Memory Reconsolidation
This six-hour workshop assumes no prior familiarity with either Coherence Therapy or memory reconsolidation, but dives deeply into both and brings the viewer on a journey through session videos of seven potent case examples showing the same core process applied across a wide range of clients and symptoms, including depression, anxiety, anger, guilt, complicated grief, compulsive inaction, stage fright, severe complex attachment trauma, and eruptions of suppressed traumatic memory. If you’ve wanted a way to introduce colleagues to CT and MR, this workshop is an excellent choice, but it will also strengthen the mastery of even experienced CT-MR practitioners. 6 CEUs are available for USA-licensed therapists and counselors.

A one-hour YouTube video:
Memory reconsolidation may be the long-sought mechanism of change in psychotherapy
This YouTube video shows Bruce Ecker and Alexandre Vaz presenting last year at the 35th annual conference of the Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration (SEPI) in Lisbon, Portugal. The inability of psychotherapy researchers to identify a mechanism of change inside the client has been an ongoing crisis for decades, contributing to the clinical field’s extensive fragmentation into competing schools, so this standing-room-only presentation is regarded by some as an historic moment that signals a new era for the clinical field.

The new journal article:
How the Science of Memory Reconsolidation Advances the Effectiveness and Unification of Psychotherapy
If you’ve been wishing you could find the time to read Unlocking the Emotional Brain for the third time, read this instead! And it’s highly suitable for sharing with colleagues to introduce them to this framework.

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