Just a quick note to tell you that registration for NICABM’s Next Level Practitioner program is closing at midnight tonight:

You’ll get fresh daily ideas and strategies that you can use with even your most challenging clients – the ones for whom nothing else seems to work.

Here are some of the dream team of experts you’ll see inside this program:

Dan Siegel MD                       Pat Ogden PhD                       Stephen Porges PhD

Richard Schwartz PhD           Sue Johnson EDD                   Rick Hanson PhD

Bessel van der Kolk MD        Christine Padesky PhD           Shelly Harrell PhD

Joan Borysenko PhD              Peter Levine PhD                    Ron Siegel PsyD

A total of 30 top thought leaders will share cutting edge techniques for working with universal client problems.

When you register, you’ll have instant access to the latest expert approaches that can lead to better outcomes, more quickly.

So I hope you’ll check it out now, because registration closes tonight at midnight.


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