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Display Your Continuing Education

Let Your Clients Know

Clients take comfort in the fact that you stay current in your knowledge of this field.

We would like to help you display the time you have put into your own professional development here at The Science of Psychotherapy by awarding you a beautifully presented certificate when you have completed 25, 50, 75, or 100 hours of online course material. This certificate, that will be physically posted to you, can be framed and displayed in your office along with your degrees and certifications. We think this small addition to your professional identity is important, and our way of thanking you for staying current with the science of psychotherapy.

How Do I Receive My Certificate?

Qualifying For A Certificate.

To receive your certificate you must let us know of all the qualifying courses you have completed. You can use the contact form below. Qualifying courses are any courses on our Courses Index page and any of the sub-pages that specify “(Cert.)” after the time allocation, i.e. “Time: 1 hour (Cert.)” This includes all our reading courses and many of our video courses. It does not include third party courses provided by PESI, WiseMind, other books or courses by other parties, etc.

All our courses are on our dedicated Academy site

If your completed courses add up to 25 hours then you qualify for the first of our certificates and we will post it out to you. Once you gain another 25 hours, you can apply for our 50 hour certificate to replace your 25 hour one, and so on.

Apply For Your Certificate