Who is this absent(ee)

An absentee is someone who is no longer here, who no longer exists, someone who is not present… in the present. We all miss someone who is absent (a curious expression, “is absent”, i.e., someone who has taken the place of absence, they exist...

Fear never rests…

Most people’s bogeyman … is the unknown! The unknown is a dark, empty place, like an abyss where one cannot see the end … as the unknown is scary, there are people who prefer to stay in a situation they already know

Maintaining Imbalance Balanced

Underlying the “mask” of strength, determination and assurance (“I have already endured it for many years without complaining!”) is often its opposite … fear, powerlessness and helplessness, which impair our ability to react, just because we do not have the courage to reach out to someone, tackle a problem or deal with a painful feeling.


Absence … missing … loss … longing … pain … powerlessness … anger. These are just some of the words found in any dictionary, but in our emotional dictionaries they can trigger powerful and painful feelings