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Looking Back and Looking Forward:

Our Professional and Personal Journey

Allan Schore’s Address To The UCLA Interpersonal Neurobiology Conference 2014

The past three days have been amongst the most special in my life. They’ve been special because this occasion provides me the extraordinary experience of receiving direct tangible feedback from my colleagues and peers on this stage and across the country—people I highly value—about the impact of my studies on their own. What a unique and wonderful gift. Despite what on the surface looks like different areas of work, all of these presenters share an intention to use rapidly accumulating scientific and clinical knowledge in order to more deeply understand and indeed better the human condition—no small goal. And I admire the dedication and the courage of each of them. But this occasion is also special because it’s happening here at UCLA with an audience of so many colleagues and friends. I’ve presented here 13 times since 1998, the end of the last century, and this conference has allowed me to share the continued development of my ideas and get audience feedback even before they were published—a valuable context for the ongoing development of the body of my work...

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