Dedicated to the Development of the 21st Century Therapist


The 21st Century Therapist is able to…

  • integrate a depth of knowledge, across a number of disciplines, embracing a broad understanding of theories and techniques.
  • craft responsive and personalized therapy for each client.
  • stem resistance and burnout by adopting a dynamic curiosity approach.




Dedicated to the Development of the 21st Century Therapist



The 21st Century Therapist is able to…

  • integrate a depth of knowledge, across a number of disciplines, embracing a broad understanding of theories and techniques.
  • craft responsive and personalized therapy for each client.
  • stem resistance and burnout by adopting a dynamic curiosity approach.







Victor Yalom talks about psychotherapy

Victor Yalom talks about psychotherapy

We catch up with Victor Yalom and have a casual chat about psychotherapy. Victor is the creator of which offers training and education for psychotherapists. Learn more as a member of The Science of Psychotherapy! Get access to hundreds...


The Science of Psychotherapy August 2022

We made a big fuss in July on our 100th Issue and we should keep the hoopla going for our 101st! My thanks go to all those people who take the time and effort to write for us. Many articles just arrive in my inbox without my asking. Feel free to become one of our...

The Science of Psychotherapy July 2022

100 issues! How about that! Taking on the role of editor has been one of the greatest good fortunes of my career. It is a task but not a chore. I look forward to the next 100. My gratitude for this good fortune and for all the benefits that the Science of...

The Science of Psychotherapy June 2022

Some dark and difficult things are besetting the world today. There is war and plague, and many lands are being ravaged by fires and floods, and intense weather. Books are being written, but many authors were predicting this years ago, in both fact and fiction. Still,...

The Science of Psychotherapy May 2022

May has special meaning for me. It is the month of Mother’s Day and my mother’s birthday. These days were a week apart and so my Mum suggested we choose which day to celebrate. She figured she was the centre of attention whatever we chose. She was a wise woman. That...

The Science of Psychotherapy April 2022

In 1859, Charles Dickens wrote – It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness …...

The Science of Psychotherapy March 2022

This issue is special for many reasons. It celebrates the release of our new book, some 2 years in the making, but the main message from Matt and myself is that our book stands on the shoulders of many before us. Without all the wonderful people that have provided...

The Science of Psychotherapy February 2022

My friend John looks out his living room window, past the antlers of the large elk munching on the sweet tips of the long grass and hopes it will snow soon. The snow is beautiful, it glistens on the mountaintops and provides a playground for skiers. But the snow is...

The Science of Psychotherapy January 2022

Celebrating New Year is often a transformative event. Many people have expressed their desire for a transition into a better year than the past Covid-19 affected years. That is hardly surprising. As we celebrate the advent of 2022, I am reminded that this is not the...

The Science of Psychotherapy December 2021

December heralds year’s end and it almost always has some bitter and some sweet reflections. We’ve had another year of restrictions and expansions. For some it has been like Dr Doolittle’s Pushmi-Pullyu, whereas for others it has been a time of release and expansion...

The Science of Psychotherapy November 2021

In the ebb and flow of life, I find myself writing this editorial from a hospital bed. Not Covid-19, which is something we need to say first nowadays. Essentially, it is an unsurprising surgical procedure for a man of 67 years of age. These impactful events are...


Dr John Arden on energizing your mind!

Dr John Arden, in this beautifully succinct presentation talks about the basics of mental health, states of mind, and how to stay energized!   John Arden has a webinar course: "Therapeutic Applications of Neuroscience, Psychoneuroimmunology, and Epigenetics"...

Richard and Matt on Groundless Ground Podcast

We were very pleased to talk to Lisa Dale Miller, on her podcast Groundless Ground. EPISODE SUMMARY Richard Hill and Matthew Dahlitz discuss their comprehensive, modern psychotherapy textbook that covers basic neuroscience, body-brain systems, genetic processes and...


  • Domestic Abuse: Coercive Control
  • Inside the Therapeutic process
  • Forgiveness: A Personal Journey
  • What is Morality?
  • Shrink Rap Radio and the 21st Century Therapist

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A fantastic method that allows you to assist the client to find their own pathway to recovery. One that doesn’t require a direction but rather gentle support that allows the client the freedom to do what’s natural to themselves to find their own mental health balance.

Nick Hormovas

Commenting on Mirroring Hands

Life is creatively emerging patterns of possibility! Superb integration of the contextual essence of being human via fascinating dialogue among pioneering explorers!

Ken Celiano

Commenting on It's a Fractal Life

Awesome presentation of the functions and malfunctions of the Neocortex. It was informative and relatively easy to follow.


Tristan Petty

Commenting on The Neocortex

Good process on how to work with clients in Psychotherapy and steps to introduce the idea to psychotherapist in professional development. This supports the idea that the process is a bottom up not top down process.

John Falcon

Commenting on Neuroscience of Memory

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