This week Dr. Dave talks about his latest podcast #419 with Dr. Jay Earley on Internal Family Systems Therapy.

Richard Hill is enjoying the Fijian islands at the moment so we don’t have a report from him today, but hope to catch up with him next week.

Speaking of Richard, he has been letting us know about a number of studies that looked at inflammation as an important factor in our mental well being and this reminded me of an article that appeared in the 2013, volume 2 issue of the Journal of Interpersonal Neurobiology Studies where it was mentioned that a study correlated inflammation expression with hedonic vs eudaimonic lifestyles. You can find the study here Basically what they found was that people who lived a life of happiness, yet without significant meaning (hedonic) displayed an increase in the expression of pro-inflammatory genes and a corresponding decrease in the expression of anti-inflammatory genes, whereas the group that lived a life of meaning, with or without happiness, had the opposite pattern. In other words, a life of happiness without meaning caused a stress response, whereas a life of meaning elicited a much healthy profile of gene expression for inflammation regardless of experiencing happiness or not. How interesting is that!? Living a meaningful life, which I’m guessing in many cases involves helping others, being outward focused, and being socially aware and connected (just guessing), seemingly is where well-being resides rather than the empty pursuit of happiness for it’s own sake (or one’s own sake). Sound’s like wisdom and epigenetics are on the same page here.



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