The Neuropsychotherapist Weekly Video Report No.22

This week on The Neuropsychotherapist weekly video blog Richard Hill is talking about neural connections between PFC and limbic area in relation to psychopaths and points us to a new paper in Biological Psychiatry, and also an interesting discussion of this on the CNN website. He also mentions the Coherence Therapy Workshop that will be taking place in Sydney in July.
Links for Richards report are:

Functional connectivity bias in the prefrontal cortex of psychopaths, (2014) Contreras-Rodriguez et al, In Press.

CNN – How your brain makes moral judgments – Elizabeth Landau

Coherence Therapy Workshop

David Van Nuys also talks about his latest guest on Shrink Rap Radio Dr Tobin Hart on his show #398 A Plan for Long-Term Life Satisfaction with Tobin Hart PhD

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