The Neuropsychotherapist weekly report number 11


The study mentioned by Richard Hill is by Lulu Xie, Maiken Nedergaard et al: Sleep drives metabolite clearance from the adult brain. Science, Vol 342 (6156): 373-377
The conference mentioned by Richard is the World Congress on Brain Behavior and Emotions

New article by Robert Moss

bobMoss_sRobert Moss, one of our panel of experts and member of our advisory board, has published an article in the New Therapist magazine.  An article discussing clinical biopsychological brain-based views on psychotherapy integration for practicing psychotherapists.

Based on the cortical column theory, called the Dimensional Systems Model, the Clinical Biopsychological Model was been developed. Over the past 14 months, there have been four peer-reviewed articles on these approaches, one updating the columnar model and the others discussing detailed clinical applications. The New Therapist article is the first written on clinical biopsychology specifically for practicing therapists who may have limited knowledge of neuroscience. It is hoped that this will serve as a primer to interest more psychotherapists in the rapidly emerging field of neuropsychotherapy as a specialty.

For those interested, the article is available for review on my contribution page at and the reference is:

Moss, R. A. (2014). Brain-based views on psychotherapy integration: Clinical biopsychology. New Therapist, 89, 6-15.

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