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The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy

Is Being a Nigh Owl Bad For Your Health?

According to researchers, being a night owl puts you at increased risk of health issues such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. One reasons why, researchers report, is those who stay away later at night have unhealthier eating patterns and diets.

Volume 6 Issue 12 Reading Course

Volume 6 Issue 12 short reading course Interpersonal Neurobiology Can Lead to Healthier Communities; Leading with Integration in Mind; The Relationship is the Therapy: Applying Interpersonal Neruobiology in Psychotherapy. (1.5 hours) In this course you will learn: How...

SOP 12: Terry Marks-Tarlow talks complex systems

SOP 12: Terry Marks-Tarlow talks complex systems, fractals, and non-linear dynamics for therapists Part 1 of a two part conversation with Terry Marks-Tarlow. She received her B.A. in psychology from Stanford University and her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from UCLA....

The SoP Community

Dear Members, Even though we have gathered over 67,000 followers on Facebook we understand there are a good number of you that would rather have our own social media space to talk about the science of psychotherapy. This space will be distinctly different from...

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