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Mind-Brain-Gene: Toward Psychotherapy Integration

Mind-Brain-Gene describes the feedback loops between the multiple systems contributing to the emergence of the mind and the experience of the self. In so doing, it explains how our mental operating networks “self”-organize, drawing from and modifying our memory systems to establish and maintain mental health. This book synthesizes the research in psychoneuroimmunology and epigenetics with interpersonal neurobiology and research on integrated psychotherapeutic approaches.

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The Ethics of Caring

Book Review The Ethics of Caring: Finding Right Relationship with Clients by Kylea Taylor Reviewed by Gunnel Minett   The Ethics of Caring: Finding Right Relationship with Clients by Kylea Taylor. Hanford Mead Publishers, Santa Cruz, CA, third edition, 2017, 335...

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Deb Dana

Members: Click on the image to download the PDF Deb Dana, LCSW, is a clinician and consultant specializing in working with complex trauma and Coordinator of the Traumatic Stress Research Consortium at the Kinsey Institute, Indiana University. She developed the Rhythm...

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The Science of Addiction

Members: Click on the image to download the PDF Dr. David Van Nuys interviews Dr. Carlton Erickson on the topic of addiction. Dr. Dave: My guest today is award-winning research scientist Dr. Carlton (Carl) Erickson, who is Director of the Addiction Science and...

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Resilience Training

Resilience Training: Using Flow States to Move from Anxiety and Depression to Optimal States of Thriving Carol Kershaw and Bill Wade [wlm_private "WPmember3yr|1 Year Subscription|2 Year Subscription|3 Year Subscription|Staff|Authors|NPT Basic|NPT Standard|NPT...

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Kirke Olson

Download Spotlight NPT:   How has an understanding of neurobiology helped you in your practice and with writing your book?   KO:    After more than twenty years working as a psychologist in public schools, I moved to a private middle high school...

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Play and Creativity in Psychotherapy

Play and Creativity in Psychotherapy (From the Norton Series on Interpersonal Neurobiology, 2017). Edited by Terry Marks-Tarlow, Marion Solomon, and Daniel J. Siegel.    [wlm_private "WPmember3yr|1 Year Subscription|2 Year Subscription|3 Year...

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Spotlight on Sherif Darwish

Introduction to Dr. Sherif Darwish by Richard Hill I first met Dr. Sherif Darwish at a conference in Switzerland, in 2010. We spoke about a difficult case and have continued our connection to this day. Dr. Darwish is based in Alexandria, Egypt. He is a champion for...

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Is Being a Nigh Owl Bad For Your Health?

According to researchers, being a night owl puts you at increased risk of health issues such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. One reasons why, researchers report, is those who stay away later at night have unhealthier eating patterns and diets.

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The SoP Community

Dear Members, Even though we have gathered over 67,000 followers on Facebook we understand there are a good number of you that would rather have our own social media space to talk about the science of psychotherapy. This space will be distinctly different from...

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Cocaine Adulterant May Cause Brain Damage

People who regularly take cocaine cut with the animal anti-worming agent levamisole demonstrate impaired cognitive performance and a thinned prefrontal cortex. These findings from two recent studies at the University of Zurich indicate that levamisole could have a toxic effect on the brain. Drug-checking programs should therefore be expanded, argue the researchers.

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Absence … missing … loss … longing … pain … powerlessness … anger. These are just some of the words found in any dictionary, but in our emotional dictionaries they can trigger powerful and painful feelings

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